Applying for UK Study Visa

If you are planning for UK Study visa, first of all you get admission to the university or college of your choice in the UK. Before applying for a visa, you must be able to show you have been accepted for study at an educational establishment that is on the UK's Department for Education and Skills (DfES) Register of Education and Training Providers.
Make sure to fill out your form carefully and precisely. Do not forget to sign it. The visa officer will, in many cases, make a decision based solely on your application form and supporting documents.
Officers repeatedly stress that an incomplete or incorrect application may result in an unfavorable outcome. Remember to include your contact details on the form, especially an e-mail address if you have one (if you don't, we suggest you create one to facilitate e-mail communication).
There are different categories, a quick guide describes the different categories and can help you to choose the correct category for you.For adults who want to come to the UK for their post-16 education, Tier 4 (General).
Supporting documents
Procedural steps for Visa Application
Start putting your supporting documents together in advance. Do not submit your application until you have collected all the documents required.
Make sure your documents are originals or attested copies.
There is no fixed checklist for the documents needed, as each student's circumstances are different. The common factor is that students need to show as much credible evidence as they can of their individual circumstances. Your supporting documents must relate to your education, your family's financial situation, any assets you own and your sponsor.
Documents checklist
Here is a broad checklist. Once again, every student's case is different; so remember to include any other documents that seem relevant to your case as well.
1. Letter of acceptance from the university. You must include a letter from the university, college or school confirming that you have been accepted for a course of study in the UK.
2. Bank Balance showing your living cost. A bank letter confirming the balance in their account is sufficient to cover costs of study. Funds are required 28 days old in your or your parents’ account.
3. Evidence of past studies. This includes original school and college examination certificates. You will need to include evidence of your proficiency in English. This could be in the form of an up-to-date International English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS) certificate. You may be asked to take the test at the British Council.
4. Original Passport. You must have a valid passport, with enough space for a visa.
5. Photograph. It is crucial to include a photograph that meets the following requirements: It should be a recent, passport-sized (45 mm x 35 mm), colour photograph of you taken against a light coloured background. It must be clear and of good quality and printed on normal photographic paper. It must display your full face, without sunglasses, hat or any other head-covering, unless you wear it for cultural or religious reasons. It must be glued to the application form. Do not staple the photo onto the form.
6. Visa fee ( Application Fee)
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