George Brown College

 Ontario , Toronto

 160 Kendal Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1M3, Canada


     Acting for Media(P108)

  Arts & Culture    Acting Fees: $950
 Program Length :   2 Year
 Program Level:  Post Secondary (Under Graduate)
 Age   16
 Semester   4
 Over All Band   6
  R   6     ||     W   6    ||     S  6     ||     L   6
  Gap   5
  Marital Status   Single
  Program Status:   Closed
  Available Seats:   0

About George Brown College

As one of Canada?s largest and most diversified colleges, George Brown College serves a broad and vibrant student body. With three downtown campuses ? St. James, Casa Loma and Waterfront ? the college is an integral part of the city?s economic, cultural and social dynamic

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